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This policy builds upon the Education and Privacy Rights from a number of countries and is designed to protect students' privacy, and to provide them access to their education records. The term "student information" refers to information in all tangible forms including:
Admission information for those students accepted by, and who enroll at KIU;
Biographical information including date and place of birth, gender, nationality, information about race and ethnicity and identification photographs;
Grades, test scores, courses taken, academic specialization and activities, and official communications regarding a student's status;
Coursework including papers and exams, as well as communications that are part of the academic process between a student and the teaching staff, and between a student and other students in the class;
Internship program records;
Students' financial and financial aid records;
Disciplinary records.
Directory information
Certain categories of student information are designated by the University as directory information and may be released without the student's prior consent and without a record being made of these disclosures. This information includes:
Term and permanent home address,
KIU office address,
Term phone number,
Term electronic mail address,
Year and registration type,
Degrees received
Dates of attendance,
Students have the right to withhold directory information from disclosure, including disclosure in printed and online publications of the directory, except to University officials who have a need to know it.
Information subject to other or additional provisions
Certain categories of information relating to students are not subject to all of the provisions mentioned below, or have additional restraints that apply to them. The following categories are ones that most frequently arise, although other kinds of information regarding students can also be treated differently from the provisions mentioned as necessary and appropriate in the circumstances.
a. Personal files of University faculty and staff- Notes and similar records regarding a student that are made for faculty, are restricted to, the personal use of a faculty or staff member are not subject to review by the student.
b. Campus Security records created for law enforcement purposes –
These records regarding students is not subject to review by students or others. The Campus Security Department, however, may in appropriate circumstances make such records available to other public safety agencies for law enforcement purposes.
c. Alumni records –Information about former students that pertain to the time they were at the University and after they have left the University may be used for general purposes determined by the University.

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