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The Dean of Students is in charge of student's welfare and non–academic issues to ensure that students live a meaningful life at KIU. This office is in charge of accommodation among other things.
The university has a number of limited accommodation facilities on campus whereby international students are given first priority. The Halls comprise of women's hostels with self–contained rooms, and students may remain in residence during the short breaks at no extra cost.
The university also identifies private hostels in the university neighborhoods where students can stay though the students have to pay to the bank on a separate account. Students seeking accommodation on or off campus need to apply to the Director of students' Affairs.view accomodation policy here.


(a) The rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, tables, chairs and in some cases armchairs.

Occupants are responsible for the proper care of all property and any damage or loss must be reported immediately to the Warden or Chief custodian.

The occupants shall be required to sign for all property found in their room at the beginning of each semester and sign off at the end of semester. It is the responsibility of the occupants to make sure that they sign off at the end of the semester otherwise they will be charged for the property not handed in.
(b) If a wall point is fixed in a room, it will take a maximum current of 13 amps (i.e. 3kw). Electric lights must not be left burning during the day time or when nobody is in the room.
(C) Cooking in rooms is strictly prohibited.
(d) Rooms must be swept out by 8.00 a.m. each day. Rubbish must be deposited in the dustbins provided. Used bulbs, razor-blades, condoms and other debris should never be thrown out of the windows. Rooms are cleaned under the chief custodian's supervision during vacations.
(e) Private property must not be left in the rooms during vacations except by permission of the warden and will always be left at owner's risk. Unless permission is given Cupboards must be left unlocked. Any room may be required for vacation Conferences. Private property may be left in the Trunk rooms during vacations at Owner's risk.
Hall Employees
Hall employees should not be employed for private purposes during their official working hours.
No noise from any source e.g. music, bugles, drums, whistles etc. shall be made which will interfere with the study or sleep of other members of the Hall and the public.
The Notice Boards:
You should always look at the notice boards for any information from the Administration, Faculties, wardens, the students' common Room or the Guild.
Loss of keys by student must be immediately reported to the warden or to the chief custodian. The key will be replaced on payment of the cost of a new lock. Keys must be returned on leaving the hall at the end of each semester .failure to do so involves paying the full residential charges from the beginning of the vacation to the time the key is returned, plus any other suitable punishment. It is the responsibility of each key holder to ensure that he has sinned in the key-book when the key is returned only to the custodian on duty.
Vacation Residence
When vacation residence is granted, it implies full board and residence at the charge obtaining at the time, payable in advance. Payments for residence only without meals are not allowed. Payments for meals only without residence are not encouraged.
Identity Cards:
Each student must have an Identity Card obtained from the Academic Registrar. Any member who loses his Identity Card must report immediately first to his warden and to the Police. A new card may be issued by the Academic Registrar after the appropriate charges have been paid.
(a) The names in which a student will be registered will be those which appear on the student's ordinary level and higher school Certificate or equivalent document offered at registration.
(b) Authority to change names can be given by the Registrar of Title of student s' country of origin.
(c) Women students wishing to change their names as a result of legal marriage need not to go to the Registrar of titles. They should fill in forms from their Wardens and submit them to the Academic Registrar for approval.

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