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Tuition and Fees
All students are required to pay tuition appropriate to the programme to which they are admitted. Fees are charged per semester or term depending on the course. The tuition and fees information is found in the University's General Information Bulletin. Contact the Director of Admissions for this Bulletin.or download it here
Registration Procedure
Students are required on admission, to register with the faculties/schools/departments by filling the official registration forms.
The process of Registration is different from the process of admission, and must be carried out at the beginning of each semester. The process requires completing four copies of registration forms, obtaining required signatures, and then submitting the forms to the required offices.
The registration process involves the following steps:
1. Check the semester's schedule in reference to the academic program structures as outlined in the Academic Bulletin and make a personal list of courses to be taken that semester.
2. Pay the required fees directly to the Bank and present the receipt to the Directors of Finance and Academic Affairs respectively.
3. Pick the registration form from the Director of Academic Affairs office and fill it up.
4. Get the required signatures.
5. Submit one copy to the Director of Academic Affairs, one copy to the Director of Finance, one copy to the School/Faculty Dean, and keep one copy for personal reference.
6. If changes need to be made in the list of courses after obtaining signatures, or submitting the forms, complete another form called CHANGE OF PROGRAM form. All changes must be made before the given deadline in the University Calendar.
7. On submission of the filled out and signed registration form, a Class Entrance Permit is issued with a list of courses that the student has registered signifying that he/she has been officially permitted to sit in the listed classes that semester.
8. The Senate may, after the semester examinations in any academic year, cancel student's registration for the remainder of that academic year and may refuse student's permission to renew registration in any faculty/school if the student is unable to satisfy, by the end of the academic year, the minimum requirements of study prescribed by the faculty/school in which they are registered.
9. After registering, each student should obtain a university photo identification card. It must be presented to use library services and is required for admission to university events and when using other University facilities. It is not transferable and is validated each new academic year after payment is made for classes.
Note: Unless this process is completed a student is not officially registered for that particular semester. Attending classes without being officially registered is an offense. No grade will be issued for a course for which a student has not registered.

Late Registration
1. A specific time period is given for students who due to unavoidable circumstances report late for registration. This is immediately after the deadline for registration is crossed.
2. A student who registers late must pay a late registration fee along with the normal fee, and complete the registration before the deadline for late registration.
3. Absence from classes during this period is noted and is counted as excused absences that are part of the absence quota permitted to students.
Note: Students are responsible for registering properly and paying full tuition by the deadline [see the academic calendar for deadline]
University Calendar
The University publishes an academic calendar for the entire academic year just before the Academic Year begins. Important activities such as registration are given specific dates during which it is expected that the activity will be completed. It is therefore of great importance that students get acquainted with the University's Calendar and follow the deadlines as stipulated in it.

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