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Kampala International University's Western Campus [KIU-WC] is situated on about 70 acres of land in Ishaka, along Mbarara –Kasese Road in Western Uganda. This spacious campus was opened by His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, the President of the Republic of Uganda on 01 November 2004. The University's School of Health Sciences [SHS] is located at the western campus.
The SHS started as a Faculty of Health Sciences [FSH] at the Main Campus of KIU at Kansanga in Kampala City in 2003. The FHS was translocated from the Main Campus in Kampala to the Western Campus at Ishaka. Following the translocation, the FHS was expanded by starting the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Chirugia (Surgery) (MBChB), the Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) and Bachelor of Nursing Sciences (BNS) degree programmes, and the Diploma in Nursing Sciences (DNS) Programmes. Others include programs in Education, Business and Management and Information Technology. With this academic expansion, the FHS was renamed the School of Health Sciences (SHS) to imply that KIU was to develop this to become one of its centres of excellence.
The School continues to expand and by September 2013 the campus had an enrolment of over 5000 students in its various programmes and academic staff strength of 200 and continuing to expand.
It has fully furnished spacious lecture rooms, well equipped computer laboratories, state of the art medical laboratories built to international standards, a Teaching Hospital, students' accommodation, dining facilities and recreation halls. The School of Health Sciences envisions being a leading training institution for providers of health services in preventive and curative domain, individuals who will promote the health of patients and manage community health problems.
The courses offered at the Western Campus are taught by the full time adjunct faculty of over 150 experienced academic staff who are currently working in their fields of expertise. All the clinically qualified academic staff also serves as consultants to the University's Teaching Hospital. There are some other professors from the East African region and elsewhere in Africa, who come periodically and participate in teaching and evaluation on part-time basis.
The Library is dedicated to furthering KIU mission and vision by providing and supporting information resources, services, and infrastructure that create, facilitate, and sustain an intuitive, trusted information environment enabling learning and the advancement of knowledge at the University. The library is committed to developing strategies and systems that promote discovery and facilitate worldwide scholarly communication.
The Library is a dynamic unit providing multiple methods of access to electronic and print information, offering a multitude of knowledge based information services, and fostering the lifelong learning skills essential for health sciences professionals to succeed in health care practice, education and research in the information intense environment of the 21st century.
The Multi-disciplinary laboratories are used for routine students' practical session. The School also has the following specialized laboratories:
a. Gross Anatomy and histology laboratories
b. Microbiology and parasitology Laboratory
c. Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology laboratories.
d. Molecular Biology Laboratory
e. Diagnostic Laboratories in the Hospital
Basic and specialized equipment are available in the School of Health Sciences and the Teaching Hospital to provide the best possible teaching and clinical care environment.
There are ample spaces in the University lecture and seminar rooms at the School. There are several lecture rooms that are centrally pooled for common use by all which are currently underutilized in space (occupancy factor) and in time (frequency of use factor).
The student population of over 4000 is international in outlook and non denominational in religious orientation here. Students who are enrolled in programmes of study at KIU-WC come predominantly from local Uganda communities, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria, Asia and beyond.

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